Ikole Ekiti, Nigeria – 15th September 2023

In a significant and notable event that commemorated a step towards empowering women and girls with disabilities, Honorable Akin Rotimi, a Member of the Federal House of Representatives, officially declared the commencement of the AWWDI, WeLead, and Hivos project in Ikole Ekiti.

The event, graced by numerous dignitaries, including the Chairman of Ikole Local Government Area, Honourable Biodun Olominu, highlighted the commendable efforts of Advocacy for Women With Disabilities Initiative (AWWDI), WeLead, and Hivos in addressing the unique challenges faced by women and girls with disabilities across various regions of Nigeria.

AWWDI, in collaboration with WeLead and Hivos, has embarked on a transformative project aimed at promoting the rights and well-being of women and girls with disabilities. This joint initiative seeks to empower these individuals, ensuring they have equal access to opportunities and resources.

Honourable Akin Rotimi lauded the tireless efforts of AWWDI, WeLead, and Hivos in their mission to create a more inclusive society for women and girls with disabilities. He pledged his unwavering support for the implementation of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) policies at the national assembly, reaffirming his commitment to advocating for the welfare of this often marginalized community.

The women with disabilities who participated in the training expressed their determination to become advocates for an inclusive society that embraces diversity and ensures equal rights for all. Their voices are instrumental in driving positive change and fostering a society where every individual can flourish.

About AWWDI, WeLead, and Hivos

  • AWWDI (Advocacy for Women With Disabilities Initiative): AWWDI is a pioneering organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and well-being of women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria. The organization works relentlessly to address the unique challenges faced by this community, striving for their inclusion in all aspects of society.
  • WeLead: WeLead is a valuable partner in AWWDI’s mission, collaborating to empower women and girls with disabilities and promote their rights and opportunities.
  • Hivos: Hivos, another esteemed partner, shares AWWDI’s vision of a more inclusive and equitable society. Together, they work on initiatives that drive positive change for women and girls with disabilities.

The opening of this transformative project in Ikole Ekiti signifies a profound commitment to fostering an inclusive society where the rights and well-being of all individuals are upheld.

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