Imagine a room buzzing with energy, filled with passionate leaders eager to amplify their impact. That’s exactly what happened at AWWDI’s recent training program for Self-Help Group Leaders (women and girls with disabilities) in the FCT, powered by ActionAid Nigeria and the High Commission of Canada to Nigeria.
This wasn’t just any training; it was a game-changer. Leaders dove deep into essential skills, emerging equipped to champion the rights of women and girls with disabilities like never before.

Leadership & Communication: Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all leadership. Leaders explored diverse styles, from collaborative team builders to decisive visionaries. They learned to adapt their communication to different audiences, ensuring their message resonates clearly and powerfully. But leadership isn’t just about words; it’s about self-belief. The training fostered unwavering self-esteem, empowering leaders to stand tall and inspire others.
Tackling Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV): This wasn’t a comfortable conversation, but a necessary one. Leaders bravely confronted the growing issue of digital SGBV, equipped with knowledge and tools to support survivors. They learned to identify signs, offer compassionate guidance, and create safe spaces where everyone feels protected and empowered. This isn’t just about reaction; it’s about prevention. Leaders gained skills to raise awareness, challenge harmful norms, and advocate for systemic change.
Mentorship Matters: Mentorship isn’t just about giving advice; it’s about igniting potential. Leaders discovered the art of active listening, building trust, and creating a nurturing environment where mentees can blossom. They learned to ask powerful questions, provide constructive feedback, and celebrate milestones, big and small. This isn’t a one-way street; leaders also honed their self-reflection skills, recognizing their own growth alongside their mentees.
Building Sustainable Change: True impact goes beyond individuals. Leaders learned to build strong, cohesive Self-Help Groups, fostering collaboration and shared ownership. They discovered the power of transparency, accountability, and effective resource management. This isn’t just about short-term gains; it’s about laying the groundwork for lasting change. Leaders became architects of sustainable initiatives, ensuring their communities thrive long after the training ends.

This is just the beginning! AWWDI’s commitment to empowering leaders doesn’t stop here. We’re energized by the potential unleashed and excited for future initiatives.

Join us in creating a more inclusive world! Share your thoughts and amplify the voices of those who need it most. Remember, together, we can make a difference!

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